Master of Photography Degree

Robert E. Stevenson, M. Photog., Cr., to whom I owe my photographic success, presented me with the "MASTER of PHOTOGRAPHY," degree.

The Photography World lost the greatest photographer ever in the year of 2000.

Thank you Bob, Mama, Daddy, Donna and Friends


Master of Photography (M. Photog.) Degree

Awarded for superior photographic competence, demonstrated through photographic competition, advanced education and service to the profession.

Requires 25 merits, of which a minimum of 13 must be Exhibition merits. The other 12 merits can be either Exhibition or Achievement (Service) merits.

A Little Update

(Julie’s parents who were her best friends, partners, and loves) In 1943, as Frances Anson was roller skating, she lost her broach. Navy man, Otto McGaughey returned it to the disc jockey.

Our “perfect parents” dedicated their lives, worrying, caring, sharing and sacrificing for their daughters Julia Ann and Donna Jean.

December 10, 1999, 11:30 A.M., Alcovy Road and Route 142 in Covington, Georgia, they were in a tragic automobile accident. Otto McGaughey (artist, awesome Father)

Died of heartbreak December 10, 2002. Frances McGaughey (our sweet Mother) suffered severe brain injury and was placed in a nursing home.

Julie McGaughey dedicated the next years seeking doctors, therapists and organizations to help better Mamas condition. Doors were slammed in their faces every time. Mrs. McGaughey faced years of dead weight, feeding tube, hands contracted, diapers changed and never speaking a word. After contracting pneumonia, generated by a shattered foot and bed sores, Mama and Daddy were reunited November 30, 2004.

Julie would like to thank her customers and is ready to continue carrying on the business she and her family created. I miss and love them!


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