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Camera artist named master image-maker.

Julie McGaughey once cried when she was photographed, but now she makes a living taking other people's pictures.

As a senior at Waycross High School more than 20 years ago, Ms. McGaughey hated her high school portrait, taken while she was wearing braces. "I was in tears over it," she said.

But the experience led into her profession, which this week resulted in her winning one of the highest honors in the photography industry: the master of photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America, Inc.

Ms. McGaughey was so upset about her senior picture that she insisted on having a replacement taken at a photography studio. Eager to see the result, she stayed at the studio until the proof was ready -- and struck up a conversation with the photographers. "They said, "Why don't you come work for us part time?"" Ms. McGaughey recalls. ...

Doug Isenberg, "Wedded to photo career," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 27 July 1990.


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