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Subj: Wedding Photos

Date: 12/18/00 1:56:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Julie - Ralph and I have been looking over our photographs from the wedding. We were very happy with the turn out. We put one of the pictures of the two of us in our favorite crystal Frame that has been waiting for a wedding picture - and I just wanted to tell You that it looks unbelievably beautiful (the photo of the two of us that is a little hazy in the background, and we are both looking to the right). Ralph and I keep looking at it in amazement. I cannot imagine a more Beautiful pose for the picture or a more beautifully captured moment. Also, the pictures of me with my bridesmaids and flower girl is breath-taking! We are going to get a special frame for it as well. My mother has commented that the photograph looked like something "straight out of an Este Lauder" advertisement! I hope that sounds like a compliment to you, because I knew that she gave the arrangement a GREAT compliment. Julie - you are truly a very gifted artist, and I wish you the best as You continue to achieve success in your career. Thank you so much for taking some of the most beautiful pictures of our wedding that I could have imagined, and, I believe, the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen!





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